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Angela Connell is the founder and CEO of Vivacity Consulting, who helps training organisations get compliant and stay compliant, they do this through systems, documents, training and coaching.

Angela believes that education changes lives, which is why she is prominent within the training industry. Angela has supported over 300 training organisations around Australia from a variety of industries, saving them time and money on their compliance requirements. Angela has worked within the training industry for over 20 years, in the capacity of trainer/Assessor, Training Coordinator, RTO Manager and owner and now RTO compliance auditor and consultant.

In 2020 Angela and her team won the Corporate Vision Small Business Awards for Innovation Award in Educational Training – Australia and the Northern Beaches Local Business Award for Most Outstanding Education Service

  • Over 20 years’ experience in the RTO and CRICOS industries
  • 10 consulting to RTO and CRICOS providers and professionals
  • Over 20 years delivering business and compliance training
  • Owned and run 2 successful RTO businesses  
Emcee / Introduction

Angela has been working in the training industry for over 20 years in the capacity of Training Coordinator, Trainer/Assessor, RTO Manager and CEO. During that time, she has owned and operated two of her own successful RTOs, this is where Angela first gained first-hand experience in effectively navigating the complexities of balancing RTO compliance with business success.

As the CEO of Vivacity Coaching & Consulting, which has been servicing the training industry since 2009, Angela provides innovative tools and comprehensive on-going support to ensure that not only will a Training Organisation be deemed compliant but will also thrive within the industry.   


Thank you to all our valued clients and colleagues...

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Speaking Topics
How much training is enough? 

When the Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015 was released there was an uproar within the VET community, especially if you were applying for initial registration or an Addition to scope and had to comply with the new Volume of Learning requirements, whilst competing with the rest of the VET market who were still delivering way below the required timeframes stipulated within the Volume of Learning requirements. 

The implementation of Volume of Learning has certainly improved training within the VET sector, with more time being allowed for the delivery of training, but is it relevant to all qualifications? When you consider the difference in units between two AQF level qualifications such as a Certificate III in Business (12 UoCs) and Certificate III in Hairdressing (28 UoCs), which begs to ask, how much training is enough? 

As the CEO of Vivacity Coaching & Consulting, which has been servicing the training industry since 2009, Angela provides innovative tools and comprehensive on-going support to ensure that not only will a Training Organisation be deemed compliant but will also thrive within the industry.   

Standards for RTOs 2015 and the National Code 2018, how do they relate? 


Are you an RTO with CRICOS registration, or even thinking of adding CRICOS registration to your scope, and want to gain a better understanding of how the Standards relate? 
With the National Code 2018 coming into effect on 1 January last year, the process for managing your compliance has now become more practical and aligned with the Standards for RTOs. 


Why have two sets of policies and procedures for the one organisation 
Understanding how the Standards for RTOs and the National Code work together, including what policies and procedures are audited together and how to best manage your compliance with both RTO and CRICOS registration, without having to double your workload can be a challenge. 

  • During this session, we will cover the following key points: 
  • Having a set of policies and procedures that “fit” together 
  • Understanding your responsibilities when it comes to International Students 
  • The challenges of marketing to international students 
  • How you should adjust your support services to meet your student needs 
  • Managing and monitoring Third Parties and how they relate to Education Agents 
5 critical aspects of your TAS  


Why is your Training and Assessment Strategy so important, isn’t it just a document for the Auditor? 
Your Training and Assessment Strategy is the most important document within your organization, it is the key to who you are, why you are delivering a training product and how are you going to meet your student needs.  


When was the last time you updated your TAS? Was it only updated due to an ASQA audit? 

Ensuring that your TAS truly reflects how you conduct your training and assessment is crucial for your organisation, it sets the standard for education for your RTO, your Trainers and your Clients. It is like a business plan for your training, that should be updated at least annually, to truly reflect the training that you deliver. 

Your Trainers and Assessors are crucial to the involvement of writing a TAS, but most trainers have never even seen a TAS, which puts your RTO at risk of not delivering your training and assessment consistently and/or your Trainers not understanding what your organisations goals are. 

We will be covering in this session not only the importance of the TAS, but how to write an effective TAS, that means something more than just an audit document. 

The 5 critical aspects that we will cover is: 

  • Conducting effective Industry Consultation 
  • Who are your students and how will you meet their needs? 
  • Demonstrating that your Trainers have sufficient skills and knowledge 
  • Delivery and Assessment Methodology 
  • Ensuring that your Delivery and Assessment
  • Plan maps your trainers and students’ journey 
Winter is coming - How will you minimise the impact of a change in legislation within your RTO? 


One thing that you can rely on when it comes to being an RTO, is a change in legislation is imminent. 

In 2018 we had a change in the Standards for VET Regulators 2015 and the National Code 2018 (International Students). The Standards for Registered Training Organisations are next, are you ready?  


In December 2017, ASQA released a new version of the User Guide, which included a change in the order of the Standards so that they reflected the Student Journey audit process, which also aligned with the changes to the new National Code 2018. These changes are only the beginning of changes to come.  

During this session you will learn from an experienced auditor, who has attended over 200 ASQA Audits since ASQA’s inception in 2011, what you need to know to prepare your RTO for a change of legislation. 

During this session, we will cover the following key points:

  • the impact that a change of legislation will have on your RTO and how to minimize the disruption to the business 
  • Planning the process for reviewing the changes in legislation 
  • How to review and update your policies and procedures 
  • Identifying what will be the impact on your training and administration team 
How to be unique in a competitive Training industry 


The training industry has gone through massive changes within the last few years, learn how to stand out in your industry.  

Angela will be sharing her extensive experience in marketing and business development to identify how you can improve your position within the industry, providing you with key strategies you can implement to expand your potential within a competitive market

Scope of Services

With a vast knowledge of the training industry and over 20 years owning and operating her own business, Angela can provide keynotes on a range of subject areas, including:

Webinars – Masterclasses and Masterminds

Angela delivers a range of webinars in both compliance and business under the Vivacity banner, she has also been a guest speaker on Webinars for other organisations.


Angela has been training and delivering workshops for over 20 years, with a focus on compliance and business strategies.

Podcast Guest

Angela is available as a guest speaker on your podcast, whether it be on training and compliance or business, Angela can speak about a range of subjects.

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How much training is enough?

Volume of Learning versus Amount of Training

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RTO + CRICOS Compliance

Standards for RTOs 2015 and the National Code 2018, how do they relate?

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Critical Aspects of Your TAS

Would your TAS be compliant at your next ASQA Audit

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VET Reform

How will you minimise the impact of a change in legislation?

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How will this massive change impact your RTO?

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How to be unique in a competitive Training industry

What strategies can you put in place to be unique

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Top 5 Mistakes RTOs Make

Learn the key mistakes made within RTO’s that cause critical non-compliances within an RTO and what you can do to avoid the same mistakes

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3 Top Non-Compliances at Audit

Don't put your RTO at Risk

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Angela and all the team at Vivacity Coaching and Consulting are legends! They are the experts of what they do, have the structure and process to deliver reliable outcomes and absolutely know their stuff. In addition, the professionalism and value of services is mind blowing. I absolutely recommend Vivacity.

Jay Pandya

This team are great to work with, they are very knowledgeable and are very good at what they do in the training Indusrty and compliance sector.

All States Training

Great company full of hard working and dedicated people. Always looking for ways to help their clients and going above and beyond

Simon Braun

Heed Education attended JobTrainer Mastermind program conducted by Angela in August-September 2020 and found it to be extremely helpful and thorough. Very impressed with Angela's knowledge and understanding of the compliance and VET industry along with her passion to help RTOs succeed.

Monica Nagpal
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    Thank you to all our valued clients and colleagues...

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